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Garments of all types are tested to the specifications of major retailers or your own. We evaluate garments intended for fashion wear, school wear, corporate wear, sportswear and workwear.

We can help you to develop a specification for the fabric and/or garment.  Don't just rely on the fabric or garment that the manufacturer gives you.

Garment Specifications

Specifications that are designed to control the quality and performance of your product have the following benefits:

  • Your clothing will be consistent and buyers will be able to rely on this.
  • Obtaining quotations from alternative suppliers will be comparing apples with apples.

Testing to a specification will give you peace of mind before you open letters of credit. It will also identify any problems in the goods prior to manufacture or despatch.

Apparel testing

Shrinkage (dimensional change), colourfastness (light, washing, rubbing, water, perspiraton, etc), strength (breaking force and tearing force), pilling resistance, seam slippage, stretch and recovery - are all common tests for apparel.  For corporate and workwear, the resistance to repeated laundering is often important.

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