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Flexible printed signs are widely used for outdoor display. Major applications include signs or banners that are mounted on buildings and side curtains on large trucks. Typically, the signs are printed on PVC coated fabrics, although they may be made from solid plastic films. We offer a range of tests for the manufacturers of these signs. 

The following characteristics are of critical importance to flexible printed signs. 

  • Colourfastness to light
  • Abrasion resistance (of surface or surface coating)
  • Flex resistance of the PVC coating
  • Flex resistance of any paint or print applied to the PVC coating
  • Weathering resistance - resistance to UV light
  • Weathering resistance - resistance to prolonged wetting/high humidity

 Naturally, the tensile strength, extensibility and tearing resistance of the coated fabric (or other substrate) can also be checked to ensure durability.

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