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We test a wide variety of textile and related products. We can test against a wide variety of product specifications ... including your own.

Tests for fibres, yarns and fabrics of all types. AS2001
Garments for consumers, corporate wear, work wear, sportswear. AS1249, AS1957, AS2332, AS2919, AS4399
Automotive Fabrics Fabric for seat covers, headliners and other trim fabrics are tested to the specifications of the major motor vehicle manufacturers. .
Footwear Components Tests on soling, upper, lining, heel grip and other footwear components. AS2210
Household, Institutional and Commercial Textiles Bedding - sheeting, blankets, quilts, underblankets, mattress protectors, pillows.
Bed linen - for hospitality, hospitals and institutional use.
Upholstery and Drapery - for domestic and commercial applications.
Waterproof mattress protectors - for domestic and institutional use
AS2662, AS2687, AS3789, AS4174, AS4288, AS4877, AS4878
Tests for plastics products, including painted products. AS4878
Tests for flexible printed signs on coated fabrics. AS4878

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