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Sample Size

The amount of fabric or product that is required depends on the number of different tests that are to be conducted. It is important that the sample is large enough to allow proper sampling to obtain representative results.

As a general guide, one metre of fabric (by full width) will allow a comprehensive range of tests for most purposes. If colourfastness tests are to be conducted on a number of different colours in the range, then a swatch of each additional colour should be provided. These swatches can be smaller and an A4 size is recommended (about 200x300mm).

We understand that some times you will have only a small piece of fabric. We are able to extract considerable information from such pieces. It is important that you use the information from such small samples care.

If you are unsure of how much fabric or material to send, just ask us!

Destructive Testing

Most tests that are required to be conducted are destructive in nature, i.e. the fabric or product must be cut in order that the test specimens can be taken. If you are anxious to avoid damage to a sample, this should be advised at the time the sample is submitted for testing.

Return of Samples

It is not usual to return samples that have been submitted for testing. As noted above, most tests are destructive. We retain the balance of the sample for two months from the date of issue of the report. This allows for any queries that might arise from the results of the testing. Where a sample is relevant to legal processes, we will hold the balance of the sample for a further period provided that we have been informed of the impending legal action and its expected timeframe.

If the residue of a sample is required to be returned, this should be advised at the time the sample is submitted. The cost of returning the sample to the client is charged to the client.

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