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David J Heffer and Associates provide a variety of professional services. Select the appropriate service for further information.

Consumer Complaint Service

Professional Consultations

There are many times when you need an answer to a technical query relating to the products that you or your company trade. While you can ask a mate or "look it up on the internet" - when you need accurate information, you can seek professional assistance from David J Heffer and Associates. Consultations are available on a fee-for-service basis.








Consumer Complaint Service

Consumers who return products because they are unsatisfactory are a wonderful source of product information.  Many clients have these products tested to check the validity of the complaint.  Valid complaints can be used to prevent similar problems in the future.  The furniture industry uses this service extensively to determine if claims are due to abuse, a fabric fault, incorrect upholstering, unsatisfactory furniture manufacturing practices or some other cause.


Detergent and Pre-Wash Stain RemoverEvaluation

Manufacturers of detergents and pre-wash stain removers use our service to compare their product with others in the same market segment.  Similar evaluations can be performed on fabric softeners.

Common fabric types are soiled with a variety of soil types and subjected to carefully controlled wash cycles. The levels of soiling are measured before and after washing using a spectrometer which provides an objective measure of soil removal. Statistical analysis allows us to identify particular types of soil or fabric types that are most (or least) effectively cleaned by the product. The products included in the trial can be ranked in order of general effectiveness or for particular soils.


Expert Evidence

David J Heffer is a Chartered Textile Technologist who has provided expert evidence in many legal matters. He has given evidence involved in matters heard by the Federal Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of Victoria and the Supreme Court of New South Wales as well as in lower courts in the ACT, Victoria and New South Wales.


Harvey Norman/Domayne/Joyce Mayne QA

David J Heffer and Associates are authorised by the Harvey Norman group to conduct tests in relation to their quality assurance program. For textile fabrics or coated fabrics, we require 0.5m x full width of one colourway and an A4 piece for each other colourway in the range. Where the fabric must be taken from finished furniture, give us a call to discuss the number of covers required. Tests required by this program include:

  • Abrasion resistance - Martindale (ISO 12947/ AS 2001.2.25)
  • Seam slippage (ISO 12947/ AS 2001.2.25)
  • Pilling resistance (ISO 12945-2/ IWS 6)
  • Colourfastness to light (ISO 105-B02)
  • Colourfastness to rubbing (ISO 105-X12)
  • Determination of formaldehyde (ISO 14184.1)


Leather Care Product Evaluation

Leather cleaners, leather conditioners and leather protectors can be evaluated for their effectiveness on the approriate leather type - top coated, nubuck, aniline or suede. These evaluation also ensure that the appearance and performance of the leather are not negatively affected by the product.


Technical Investigations

We bring a fresh view to the problems that arise in many businesses that deal with textiles.  By combining our expertise with your specialist knowledge and utilizing our laboratory facilities, we can help you get back to your core business.


Preparation of Specifications

We can prepare a specification for your fibre, yarn, fabric or garment, or other type of product.  The specification reflects your quality aspirations - it makes sure that your product has the performance and cost that you intend.  

Specifications make sure that you maintain a consistent level of quality - one that you and your customers can depend on.  It is not about creating a product that has the highest performance and the greatest price - just the cost and performance that suits your market.

Specifications help to select fabrics from an alternative supplier.  They help to avoid an erosion of quality over time or when changing to a new supplier.  This is the trap set by the assurance that... "This one is just as good as your current fabric".

The cost of preparing a fabric specification is rapidly repaid by the savings of buying the right fabric (not the most expensive), by rejecting unsuitable fabric without the cost of sampling, by rejecting unsatisfactory batches without the cost of losing customers due to sub-standard goods.



David J Heffer can help you train your staff.  Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Textile Basics for Sales Staff (Furniture)
  • Textile Basics for Sales Staff (Fabric Wholesaler)
  • Understanding Laboratory Reports

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